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San Francisco Public Works (SFPW) As-Needed Environmental Services  


Since 2006, AEW has continuously executed six (6) as-needed environmental consulting contracts with SFPW. These contracts are to provide as-needed environmental consulting support services to SFPW and other San Francisco agencies including, but not limited to, SFPUC, Port of San Francisco, SFMTA, San Francisco Recreation and Park, and the San Francisco Sheriff ‘s Department.

On these as-needed contracts, AEW has worked in conjunction with SFPW’s project managers on multiple task orders. Due to the fact that these were “as-needed environmental consulting support services contracts” and our assignments were completed through various task orders from the SFPW, our primary goal was to complete the task orders to achieve the specific needs and objectives in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, without compromising the quality of work or regulatory requirements.

Key services provided under these as-needed environmental services contracts included site investigation, San Francisco Department of Public Health's Articles 22A and 22B compliance, remediation and mitigation planning, storm water management, regulatory compliance planning, waste management and reuses, environmental inspection and support of construction projects, including, air and dust monitoring, environmental database maintenance, and emergency response.

Because of our extensive project experience with SFPW, we have developed strong relationships with regulators as well as local knowledge of their requirements. During these projects we have demonstrated our ability to consistently deliver high quality technically based work product quickly respond to the client, meet the schedule and budget, which has led to being selected during the re-compete for other SFPW's as-needed environmental contracts.