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SFPW's Environmental Inspection

Multiple major construction projects were conducted by various City of San Francisco's agencies.  Such projects included hospital rehabilitation, subway development, sewer repair and improvement, park improvement, bus maintenance facility construction, and building demolition.  Through various contract services orders issued by the SFDPW, AEW assisted SFDPW to perform environmental inspections, noise and air monitoring, storm water pollution prevention protocols, review of contractor submittals, and waste management services on projects including but not limited to: Mass Excavation Phases of the San Francisco General Hospital Rebuild, Utility Relocation of the Central Subway project, North Shore Sewer Improvement and Emergency Repair projects, Demolition of Existing Jail Building in CJ#3, Construction of new Islais Creek Bus Maintenance Facility, Arelious Stair Improvement project, Jefferson Street Improvement project, California Cable Car and Sewer Improvement project, Cesar Chavez Sewer Improvement project, and Potrero Hill Community Garden Retaining Wall project.

AEW's environmental inspectors provided environmental inspection services to these projects to ensure compliance with the respective project-specific environmental specifications.  Also, pursuant to California Assembly Bill AB3180 to ensure that mitigation measures adopted through the CEQA process are implemented in a timely manner and in accordance with the terms of project approva. The environmental inspectors were considered a member of the City project construction management team.  Key activities conducted by AEW's environmental inspectors included:

  • Preparation and implementation of ambient dust monitoring plan
  • Review of contractor's environmental-related submittal
  • Field inspection of construction activies for compliance with required environmental mitigation measures
  • Spot check noise monitoring
  • Airborne asbestos monitoring
  • Best management practices on storm water pollution prevention compliance
  • Stockpile inspection, and oversight of off-haul of soil
  • Weekly and site completion reports

Project Challenges

Completion of construction projects are frequently conducted under tight time schedule.  Major delays would be costly.  On these construction projects, AEW worked closely with SFDPW to provide real time feedback to the contractors on areas requiring environmental improvements without resulting in major delays of the projects while complying the project-specific environmental requirement as established in the project specifications.